Educational Services

Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor
Assistant Superintendent

Name : Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor

Designation : Assistant Superintendent

Phone : (623) 691-4028

E-Mail :

Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor joined the Cartwright team in February of 2012. She has twenty-six years in education including serving in three districts as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and currently as an Assistant Superintendent. She served in the United States Air Force Reserves as a Staff Sergeant and was activated during Operation Desert Storm to serve overseas as a medical specialist.

She earned her Bachelors in Education at the University of Arizona, Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of Phoenix and her Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University. She is married and a proud mother of two amazing high school students, Gabriela and Maximo. One of her most gratifying experiences was serving as the first principal of Rio Vista School, in the Pendergast School District where she served in this capacity for ten years. In this position, she facilitated a professional learning community of teachers and parent organizations that helped them become a high-achieving school, including earning an “A” rating by the Arizona Department of Education in 2012. As the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, she leads seven departments; Language Services, Special Services, Response to Intervention and Accountability, Data Management and Assessment, Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM), Teaching and Learning, and Federal Programs and Grants Management.

LeeAnn believes collaborating and ensuring all stakeholders have continuous opportunities to provide input and share ideas is extremely important. She also believes all students are capable of high academic success and our responsibility is to prepare all of our students to be college and career ready.

LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor, Ed.D.

Linda Parker Linda Parker
Executive Coordinator

Name : Linda Parker

Designation : Executive Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-4028

E-Mail :

Patricia Lopez Patricia Lopez
Teaching and Learning

Name : Patricia Lopez

Designation : Director of Teaching and Learning

Phone : (623) 691-4034

E-Mail :

Patricia Lopez began her career as a Special Education Teacher. She taught Special Education, grades K-7 and ELL and Mainstream students in grades 4-6 for 17 years before beginning her administrative career as an assistant principal at CW Harris Elementary School. Patricia was also the principal of Justine Spitalny Elementary School and Desert Sands Middle School before becoming the Director of Teaching and Learning. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from ASU and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from NAU. She has much experience in working with teams of teachers and administrators to improve teaching and learning for all students.

Richard Hagen Richard Hagen
Assistant Director

Name : Richard Hagen

Designation : Assistant Director for Educational Services-Induction & Retention, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Health & Wellness

Phone : (623) 691-4036

E-Mail :

Richard has been with the Cartwright District for 11 years. He served as an assistant principal and principal before joining the Educational Services Department in 2013.

Dr. Shelby Jasmer Dr. Shelby Jasmer

Name : Dr. Shelby Jasmer

Designation : Director of Response to Intervention and Accountability

Phone : (623) 691-4033

E-Mail :

Sonia Bustamante Sonia Bustamante
Director of Language Acquisition

Name: Sonia Bustamante

Designation: Director of Language Acquisition

Phone: (623)691-3916


Maggie Brennan Maggie Brennan
Assistant Director of Language Acquisition

Name: Maggie Brennan

Designation: Assistant Director of Language Acquisition

Phone: (623) 691-3925


Before Maggie Brennan came to Cartwright, she taught for ten years in elementary bilingual classrooms and the Gifted Program for Title 1 districts in the Phoenix area. Now in Cartwright, she has proudly served as Assistant Principal for John F. Long Elementary, and in her current position as Assistant Director of Language Acquisition.

Dr. Cecilia Sanchez Dr. Cecilia Sanchez
Director of Special Services

Name: Dr. Cecilia Sanchez

Designation: Director of Special Services

Phone: (623) 691-4087


Meredith Jewell-Seara Meredith Jewell-Seara
Assistant Director Special Services

Name: Meredith Jewell-Seara

Designation: Assistant Director Special Services



Rosa Linda Durón Rosa Linda Durón
Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education

Name: Rosa Linda Durón

Designation: Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education


Ema Jaregui Ema Jauregui
Director STEM/PLC

Name: Ema Jauregui

Designation: Director STEM/PLC



Deborah Kuenzli Deborah Kuenzli
Assistant Director of STEM

Name : Deborah Kuenzli

Designation: Assistant Director of STEM

Phone: (623) 691-2068


Deborah Kuenzli began her career in education teaching kindergarten in 1992. She taught kindergarten, first, and second grade before becoming an administrator in 2003. Deborah has been employed in the Cartwright School District since July of 2005 when she became the Reading Interventionist at Heatherbrae Elementary School. In 2006, she became the assistant principal at Peralta Elementary School where she worked for seven years. In 2013, she became the principal at Starlight Park Elementary School. In July 2015, she joined the Educational Services department as the Assistant Director of Mathematics and Science.

Arturo Sanchez Arturo Sanchez
Assistant Director of Math and Science

Name: Arturo Sanchez

Designation: Assistant Director of Math and Science



Christine Ramirez Christine Ramirez
Assistant Director of Reading & Writing

Name: Christine Ramirez

Designation: Assistant Director of Reading & Writing



Cathy Garza Cathy Garza
Assistant Director of Reading & Writing

Name: Cathy Garza

Designation: Assistant Director of Reading & Writing



Vicki Wingfield Vicki Wingfield

Name : Vicki Wingfield

Designation: Director of Assessment and Data Management


Maggie Morales Maggie Morales
Data Coordinator

Name: Maggie Morales

Designation: Data Coordinator



District Mission

Our mission as the Cartwright School District is to ensure high levels of academic achievement for all with a focus on learning tailored to the individual needs of all students.

District Goals

  • To Increase Student Achievement
  • To Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • To Provide Opportunities for Innovation

Educational Services Vision

The Educational Services Department is dedicated to Target Support to All Schools to Optimize Learning in All Content Areas through the Implementation of a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, Staff Collaboration and Innovation - College and Career Readiness for All Students.


To Exceed Expectations.