Special Services

The mission of the Cartwright Special Services Department, through leadership and collaboration with all stakeholders, is to identify implement and evaluate effective educational programs for students requiring special services based on individual strengths and needs. This is accomplished through communication, training and support of professionals and instructional assistants, ensuring implementation and compliance of special services programs.

To ensure the timely identification of students in need of support, our school staff may screen your child on aspects of your child’s functioning such as hearing, vision, academics, language, behavior, social skills, cognition, perception, and/or motor skills. Screening is an informal process of quickly rating skill strengths and weaknesses. Should you have any questions regarding to the screening process, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Special Services at 623-691-4090.

Special Education Services

For Special Education Records call 623-691-3971 or fax 623-691-5924

Cartwright's well-trained professional special educators effectively serve a broad range of students eligible for special education services through individualized planning and instruction.

Specialists serving our students with disabilities include special education certified teachers, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, music therapists, teacher specialists, interventionists and instructional assistants trained to serve students, grades Pre K-8 who have at least one of the following conditions: autism spectrum disorder,, developmental delay, emotional disability, hearing impairment, other health impairment, specific learning disability, mild, moderate or severe intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, multiple disabilities with severe sensory impairment, orthopedic impairment, speech/language impairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, as well as preschool moderate delay, preschool severe delay, and preschool speech/language delay. Students must meet eligibility requirements to enroll in a Special Education program.

The Special Services department also includes professionals who specialize in working with students that may need related services. Related services may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or assistive technology.

The goal of Special Education is to help students become independent learners, to teach learning strategies to prepare them to be successful in their regular classes, and to prepare them for high school and post-secondary experiences. This goal will be achieved through a partnership between student, home and school.

Dr. Cecilia Sanchez
Director of Special Services

Dr. Sanchez has been the Director of Special Services since 2012. She is passionate about equity in education and ensuring children who require special services receive the differentiated instruction they need to reach their fullest potential. Prior to her role as director, Dr. Sanchez was the proud principal of Manuel Peña Jr. Elementary from 2005-2012 and prior to that she served as Cartwright Elementary's assistant principal. Cartwright Special Services is committed to the district's mission and vision makes steps towards making them a reality every day!
Meredith Jewell-Seara
Assistant Director of Special Services
The Cartwright School District has been Meredith’s home almost her entire life. She attended Harris, Spitalny, Sunset and Desert Sands as well has held a variety of positions.
With her love of this district, once graduating from high school in 1993, she became an employee while pursuing her teaching degree. She’s held many positions from custodial work, bilingual para-educator, bilingual secretary to crossing guard. Before she became a certified employee in July 2002. She has taught at Sunset and Manual “Lito” Peña Elementary Schools and was also the Language Support Specialist at Manuel ‘Lito’ Peña Elementary as well as Behavioral Support Specialist in Special Services and the Assistant Director of Special Services. She currently hold two Master’s Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and in Administration. She earned both from Northern Arizona University. Her home is Cartwright and the amazing families we serve. I look forward to many more years of serving the Maryvale community and all the learning we will do together
Christine Tupick
Administrative Coordinator
Before coming to work for Cartwright School District Christine supervised a Pharmacy Program for uninsured and under-insured clients at Coos County Family Health Services in Berlin, NH. After 13 years in the Health Industry in NH her family relocated to Arizona where she began working at Cartwright School District in Special Services. She finds it very rewarding to be part of a school district that strives for the success of their students.
Cammie Solis
Administrative Technician
Before Cammie Solis came to Cartwright she worked for many years in the state of Texas, with the Even Start Early Child and Parent Literacy Program teaching Adult ESL, nutrition and parenting classes. Since coming to work at Cartwright School District in 1997 she has worked as an aide in the classroom, with the Language Acquisition Department and for the past five years has been working with the Special Services Department as an Administrative Technician.
Diana Begazo
Administrative Technician
Both of Diana's children attended Cartwright School District and she first became involved as a parent volunteer and later became an employee in 1998. She enjoys being part of the Special Services department, where she feels she can do her small part to ensure all our students are getting the education they deserve. She especially tries to be available to assist in the sharing o