Dr. Chávez, is the Superintendent of the Cartwright School District #83, a post he has held since January 2011. Cartwright is a large school district located in the Maryvale area of Phoenix Arizona, serving over 19,000 students. The District has twenty (20) Pre K-8 schools and employs 2,600 people of which 1,000 are Teachers. All Teachers are highly qualified and all Cartwright schools have aligned curriculum to both state and national standards.

Philosophy: Value students, by promoting and respecting diversity while, keeping the district's commitment to academic excellence and a quality education for each and every student. We can reach this goal by being student focused and having high expectations of our students, parents and staff. We engage our parents and students by being visionaries in the field of education and being confident, capable instructional leaders. It is imperative that we realize that in order to reach these goals we must collaborate with our staff, community and business partners to promote an environment where our students have multiple resources in their learning experiences.

Dr. Chávez has led several successful educational initiatives in his tenure thus far: Increased student achievement through First Best Instruction/Walk throughs, Professional Learning Communities, Kagan Strategies Implementation, cluster gifted and special education strategies, Zero Hour Program and the creation of Success for All Academy. Support services initiated are a school-based healthcare clinic, Partnership with Touchstone Behavioral Health for Counseling & Teen Pregnancy Prevention. A Food Services Bistro for employees and wellness program which educates staff regarding eating habits, physical activity and lifestyle choices.

Dr. Chávez implemented the mission of "ensuring high levels of academic achievement for all with a focus on learning tailored to the individual needs of all students." The District goals are:

1. To increase student achievement
2. To provide exceptional customer service
3. To provide opportunities for innovation

Executive Assistants

staff-image-Elza_Ramos Elza Ramos
Executive Assistant

Name: Elza Ramos

Designation: Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Governing Board

Phone: (623) 691-4002


Elza Ramos, proud mother of two young men. They make me proud every day. I am currently one of two Executive Assistants to the Superintendent & Governing Board. A post I serve proudly. Our District Goals are vital to our work: 1) To increase student achievement, 2) To provide exceptional customer service, 3) To provide opportunities for innovation. We live and breathe these goals everyday.

staff-image-Christine_Santos Christine Santos
Executive Assistant

Name: Christine Santos

Designation: Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Governing Board

Phone: (623) 691-5982