S.T.E.M. & P.L.C. Staff

Ema Jaregui Ema Jauregui
Director STEM/PLC

Name: Ema Jauregui

Designation: Director STEM/PLC


Email: ema.jauregui@csd83.org

Deborah Kuenzli Deborah Kuenzli
Assistant Director of STEM

Name: Deborah Kuenzli

Designation: Assistant Director of STEM

Phone: (623) 691-2068

Email: deborah.kuenzli@csd83.org

Deborah Kuenzli began her career in education teaching kindergarten in 1992. She taught kindergarten, first, and second grade before becoming an administrator in 2003. Deborah has been employed in the Cartwright School District since July of 2005 when she became the Reading Interventionist at Heatherbrae Elementary School. In 2006, she became the assistant principal at Peralta Elementary School where she worked for seven years. In 2013, she became the principal at Starlight Park Elementary School. In July 2015, she joined the Educational Services department as the Assistant Director of Mathematics and Science.

Arturo Sanchez Arturo Sanchez
Assistant Director of Math and Science

Name: Arturo Sanchez

Designation: Assistant Director of Math and Science


Email: arturo.sanchez@csd83.org