Family Welcome Center Staff

Irene Riverob Irene Rivera
Director of Family Engagement

Name : Irene Rivera

Designation : Director

Phone : (623) 691-1983

E-Mail :

Irene Rivera has been with the Cartwright School District for 25 years as a teacher, an Assistant Principal, Assistant Director of Language Acquisition and currently as Director of Family Engagement at the Family Welcome Center. Prior to joining the Cartwright District she was a teacher for other school districts in Arizona and the state of New Mexico. Irene holds a Reading Endorsement, a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Educational Leadership. Irene has a passion for working with families and connecting them to opportunities and services offered by many community agencies, she believes in keeping parents engaged as partners in the education of their children and helping them to become life long learners.

Jan Keith Jan Keith
Administrative Specialist

Name : Jan Keith

Designation : Administrative Specialist

Phone : (623) 691-1981

Jan Keith has lived in the Cartwright School District area for over 37 years. She joined the Cartwright staff in 1993 as Director of the Employee Childcare and then in 2001 the District opened the Family Welcome Center where Jan has served as the Administrative Specialist. Jan has an AA degree in Early Childhood and a BA in Business. Jan loves working with families and children and she values being a part of the Cartwright community.

Vanessa Chavez Vanessa Chavez
Family Engagement Coordinator

Name : Vanessa Chavez

Designation : Family Engagement Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-1986

E-Mail :

Prior to joining the Cartwright District, Vanessa worked as a Family Support Specialist, teaching basic parenting skills. Vanessa has been in the district for 7 years and holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Vanessa enjoys working with parents, helping them to become more engaged in the education of their children.

Mary Muñoz Mary Muñoz
Administrative Technician

Name : Mary Muñoz

Designation : Administrative Technician

Phone : (623) 691-1994

E-Mail :

Mary Munoz started with the Cartwright School District in August 1994 at the Cartwright Preschool. She worked there for seven years and then joined the Cartwright Family Welcome Center in October 2001 as the Administrative Assistant. She has been with the District for over 20 years.

Bob Portillo Bob Portillo
Migrant Education Recruiter

Name : Bob Portillo

Designation : Migrant Education Recruiter

Bob Portillo started with the Cartwright School District in September 2014 as a substitute teacher before accepting his current role as the Migrant Education Recruiter. He has worked as a post-secondary recruiter, admissions and academic advisor. He worked for the Dysart Unified School District as a Safe Schools/Healthy Student & GEARUP grant supervisor, Special Education Assistant, and career center manager at Willow Canyon HS. He received his BA from Northern Arizona University in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Parks & Recreation Management.

Marcelino Canuas Perez Marcelino Canuas Perez
Training & Support

Name : Marcelino Canuas Perez

Designation : Training & Support Services Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-1984

E-Mail :

Before Marcelino Canuas Perez came to Cartwright as the Training and Support Services Coordinator, he has had a long background in community engagement, community education, non-profit work and finance. Marcelino is very passionate about helping youth in becoming self reliant and ensuring that they have all the necessary tools/ resources to become successful. Marcelino has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Education and Psychology.

Manuel Garcia Manuel Garcia
Facility Maintenance Technician

Name : Manuel Garcia

Designation : Facility Maintenance Technician

Manuel Garcia has worked in the Cartwright School District for over 10 years. He is currently a Facility Maintenance Technician for the District’s Training Center, the Family Welcome Center and the Printing/Copy Repair area. Manuel is well known in the district as someone who is always happy to lend a helping hand. He is responsible for all the maintenance and care of all three areas.