Financial & Auxiliary Services

2017-18 Adopted Expenditure Budget

To view the 2017-18 Proposed Expenditure Budget, Click Here or Click Here for the link...

2016-17 Annual Expenditure Budget

To view the 2016-17 Annual Expenditure Budget, Click Here or Click Here for the link.....

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) FY2015

View the Financial Report (CAFR) FY2015

Annual Financial Report 2015-16

View the 2015-16 Annual Fiscal Report (PAFR) .

The primary focus of the Financial & Auxiliary Services Departments is to:

  • Provide quality and sound financial management and counsel to our school community
  • Provide quality services, products, and programs
  • Deliver innovative business solutions
  • Provide safe and courteous transportation services to our community
  • Provide safe, healthy, nourishing foods to our community
  • Utilize changing trends in technology to propel this district into the future
  • Use industry best practices to minimize our exposure to loss of district resources
  • Educate our community on the prudent use of limited resources to minimize costs
  • Support our teachers and school administrators in their efforts to improve student achievement