Energy Education

Paul Bateman
Energy Education Administrator

Name: Paul Bateman

Designation: Energy Education Administrator


Paul is the Energy Education Administrator for the Cartwright School District #83 since 2011. Paul oversees the District’s energy conservation program, with avoided utility costs measured in excess of $5,600,000 or 28% as of July 2016. Paul previously served as a school teacher in the Cartwright School District for 13 years.
As of July 2016, The Cartwright School District has earned and been awarded a total of 53 prestigious ENERGY STAR® awards by the U.S. Department of Energy’s E.P.A.
The Cartwright School District is also the proud recipient of the 2015 Heavy Metals award by the Arizona Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (U.S.G.B.C) for outstanding energy conservation efforts and results.

Welcome to the Cartwright School District Energy Management Website! This website provides information on energy conservation and related topics. The overall goal of the department is to reduce energy use and save energy dollars, while maintaining a safe and comfortable learning and working environment for all students, families, and employees of the District.

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