Business Services

Kevin Price Kevin Price

Name: Kevin Price

Designation: Director

Phone: (623) 691-4082


Started working for Cartwright on July 2015. I came with 26 years of experience. Twenty years as an internal auditor and 6 years of Finance and Business Services. I am a CPA.

Carolina Beltran Carolina Beltran
Administrative Specialist

Name: Carolina Beltran

Designation: Administrative Specialist


I started working for CSD on July 2012 as a Parent Liaison and on July 2016 as Administrative Specialist in Business Services Dept. Carolina holds a bachelor degree in Communications and a postgraduate certificate in Human Resources.

Stefanni Cahee Stefanni Cahee

Name: Stefanni Cahee

Designation: Buyer

Phone: (623) 691-3986


Administrative Specialist for Kevin Price. Stefanni started working for Cartwright School District in May 2005. She attended Sunrise Elementary School.

Johnny Carranza Johnny Carranza

Name : Johnny Carranza

Designation : Courier

Phone : (602) 8261440

E-Mail :


Greg Gunder Greg Gunder
Facility Maintenance

Name : Greg Gunder

Designation : Facility Maintenance Technician

Phone : (623) 208-2689

E-Mail :


Debbie Mills Debbie Mills
Position Control

Name : Debbie Mills

Designation : Position Control

Phone : (623) 691-4065

E-Mail :

Employed at Cartwright School District for 27 years performing multiple positions within the Business Services Department. Current title is Position Control Coordinator.

Carol Tolson Carol Tolson
Fiscal Coordinator

Name : Carol Tolson

Designation : Fiscal Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-4011

E-Mail :


Patricia Vasquez Patricia Vasquez
Adminstrative Technician

Name : Patricia Vasquez

Designation : Adminstrative Technician

Phone : (623) 691- 3985

E-Mail :


Judy Obenstein Judy Obenstein
Fiscal Coordinator

Name : Judy Obenstein

Designation : Fiscal Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-4015

E-Mail :

Judy has been with Cartwright School District in the Business Services Department since August of 2002. She is the Fiscal Support Coordinator for the Payroll Department.

Gordon Wright Gordon Wright
Fiscal Specialist

Name : Gordon Wright

Designation : Fiscal Specialist

Phone : (623) 691-4012

E-Mail :


Denise Gessner Denise Gessner
Fiscal Specialist

Name : Denise Gessner

Designation : Fiscal Specialist

Phone : (623) 691-4013

E-Mail :


Theresa Gibson Theresa Gibson
Fiscal Specialist

Name : Theresa Gibson

Designation : Fiscal Specialist

Phone : (623) 691-4016

E-Mail :

Before Theresa came to Cartwright School District #83 she worked for ABCO Foods for 13 years. She worked in the Accounts Payable Department and my position was working on the Expense Desk. She has been with Cartwright for 16 years. She is currently going to school to get her degree.

Fran Watson Fran Watson
Classified Admin

Name : Fran Watson

Designation : Classified Admin

Phone : (623) 691-4057

E-Mail :

I am the Information Systems Administrator for the Cartwright School District. I started at Cartwright in August 2003. I currently support the Synergy SIS/SE Student Information System as well as the Kronos TimeKeeping System.

Lorena Glass Lorena Glass
Data Base Specialist

Name : Lorena Glass

Designation : Data Base Specialist

Phone : (623) 691-4019

E-Mail :

Lorena joined the Cartwright family in the beginning of 2015. She works with Fran Watson in Information Systems as a Student Information Systems Specialist. Along with her knowledge of Synergy and strong computer skills, Lorena holds a dual bachelor degree in Economics and Geology. Lorena is multilingual and is fluent in English, Spanish and French. She enjoys time with her family, tennis.

Mary Kieyoani Mary Kieyoani
Benefits Coordinator

Name : Mary Kieyoani

Designation : Benefits Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-4017

E-Mail :

I have been with the District since April of 2014.

Welcome to the Business Services Department. The department houses the following district services: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Courier, Information Systems, Insurance, Materials Center & Copier Repair, Payroll, and Purchasing. To improve services for district employees, information pertinent to each department within Business Services may be accessed by selecting one of names listed below. The user will find valuable information and forms such as travel guidelines, payroll distribution dates, iVisions user guides, and adopted expenditure budgets.

2017 Annual Financial Report

To view the 2017 Annual Financial Report on our website, click here.

To view the 2017 Annual Financial Report on the ADE website, click here.

2016-17 Annual Expenditure Budget

To view the 2016-17 Annual Expenditure Budget, Click Here or Click Here

Annual Retirement Benefits for 403b and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans
Click here to download information about the TSA 403(b)-457(b)

Plan administration services for the 403(b) and 457(b) plans are provided by TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG). Visit the TSACG website ( for information about enrollment in the plan, investment product providers available, distributions, exchanges or transfers, 403(b) and/or 457(b) loans and rollovers.

Contact information for TSA Consulting Group, Inc.

District Plan Administrator TSA 403(b)-457(b) Roth Plan Administrator - TSA Consulting Group, Inc.

Click HERE to receive information about the TSA 403(b)-457(b) Roth Plan Administrator.

Customer Services 888.796.3786

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List of Departments

Type Document
2016-17 Annual Expenditure Budget
2015-16 Adopted Budget
2015-16 Admin Manual for Budget and Procurement
Payroll Dates (2015 - 2016)
Disposal Transfer Form-General Property
Disposal-Transfer Form-Vehicle & Heavy Equipment
Merchandise Return and/or Transfer Form
Travel Guidelines (2017–2018)
Outside vendors orders form
Vendor Information Packet and W-9
Print Shop Catalog (Alphabetical Order) 2017–2018
Print Shop Catalog (Numerical Order) 2017–2018
Textbook Catalog (Alphabetical Order) 2017–2018
Textbook Catalog (Numerical Order) 2017–2018
Warehouse Catalog (Alphabetical Order) 2017–2018
Warehouse Catalog (Numerical Order) 2017–2018